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Application of Graphene Technology


Tianchen takes an eco-friendly and non-polluting manufacturing process to produce pure and high-quality Graphene Powder and Graphene Slurry. Its focus included all types of graphene manufacturing, development as well as relevant nanomaterial for medical optical purpose and value-added application. With outstanding technical research and process development, it has combined graphene and feather to form a patent “Graphene Down Feather”. 

The patent “Graphene Down Feather” can be applied on down jackets, scarfs, heat-up wearable accessories, and bedding. With excellences of graphene's antibacteria, deodorization, antistatic, temperature rise, and thermal storage properties, it provides a wide range of superior textile performance.


Tianchen's graphene is not only perfectly applied to feathers, but also developed compounds in different composition of PP, PET, PE and Nylon for satisfying varied needs of textile and industrial application. Therefore, it can be developed from composite materials to functional clothing, fabrics, military industry and medical supplies. Graphene is beneficial for traditional textile enterprises to seize market opportunity by using following items of combined technical energy for upstream, mid-stream and downstream chains.

In response to the perspective of energy saving, carbon emission reduction, and environmental protection, the unique eco-production process of Tianchen's graphene technology is definitely the element to enhance the value of textile products.